How long should I wait to mow once weed control has been applied to my lawn?

Mowing can be performed 2 days after weed control has been applied.

How long after a weed control has been applied can I walk across my lawn?

In most cases you can walk across your lawn when the product has dried (usually 2-3 hours) depending on what has been applied. Your lawn technician will leave a flag staked in the lawn stating what time your application had been applied.

How much and how often should I water a newly planted tree?

A newly planted tree needs about 10 gallons of water per week. If you have a tree that is 3 inches or more in diameter it will require 10 gallons of water per inch over the 2 inches in diameter.

When is the best time to run my sprinkler system?

The best time to begin irrigating your property is early in the morning. This will allow a more even distribution of water (usually due to lower wind speeds) as well as helping to prevent various diseases that could possibly develop.

Do I need to core aerate my lawn?

A core aeration is one of the most beneficial services that you can have done to your lawn. This service will not only help to relieve the compaction in your soil, it will also allow air, water and nutrients to better get to your root system.

When is the best time to over seed my lawn?

Seeding in the fall is always recommended. But if fall is not an option and you decide to seed in the spring, be sure to keep the new grass watered in as the tender seedlings will need time to prepare for the higher temperatures that summer brings.

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